Trade Management

For the Natural Gas and Liquids Markets

The Reason for Our Software

When evaluating ETRM solutions, there is no lack of choices at first glance. However, once a certain amount of due diligence has been done, it becomes clear that there may be very few, if any, options that meet the criteria by which you are evaluating a possible solution.

This was the genesis of the MomentumETRM solution.



Trade Capture

Our trade capture solution details natural gas and liquids transactions in an easy-to-use, grid-based format, allowing marketers to capture the details of physical and financial transactions intuitively and efficiently.

Position Management

The MomentumETRM streamlined approach provides views of physical position in ways to allow supply and retail marketers to actively manage open positions in near real-time.


Flexibility in pricing is always a requirement for an ETRM. Our solution offers price-feed integration, swing pricing with tolerance, and much more in a mid-market solution.


Our highly-efficient invoicing interface provides for both retail and wholesale functionality, capturing and maintaining appropriate tax structures for reporting.

Price Locks / Triggers

Our ETRM features a robust, efficient method for capturing triggers and will automatically generate and email a PDF confirmation.

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Mike Westbrock
BlueMark Energy

Customer Review

“Our business was growing and we needed a more efficient way to manage our commodities transactions, but didn’t want to spend a lot of money or have to invest the time to train someone on our business.  Momentum3 stepped up, already had the necessary business knowledge, and worked with us to develop a plan that met our business needs and our budget.  The solution they delivered was beyond what was originally proposed and under the estimated budget.”